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OCEANSIDE, Calif. – Aug. 15, 2013 – Birdman Media, a premiere San Diego videographer that specializes in longboard surf videos, is proud to announce the release of its latest film,
“Say No More,” the epic tale of women’s longboard surfing.

Hundreds of fans gathered at the Carlsbad Village Theater on July 23, 2013, for the eagerly anticipated premiere of Say No More, Taylor Larison (aka Birdman’s) new full-length women’s longboard surf film. From the beginning to the end of the premiere night, the historic theater was filled to capacity with good vibes, fans, friends, families, sponsors and plenty of Birdman Media merchandise.

First of its kind from director and producer Birdman, the exclusive independent all woman’s longboard surf film features footage from San Diego to Malibu, hitting every favorite longboard surf spot in between.

Say No More marks a departure from Birdman’s previous longboard films, which were driven by high performance, classic-adrenaline clips of longboard male surfers. Often surfing below the radar on waves that rarely show up in mainstream media, Birdman decided to focus on a
different surfing community: the female riders.

Say No More highlights the talents of some of Southern California’s elite team of female shredders: Stephanie Vigiano, Karina Rozunko, Tory Gilkerson, Erin Ashley, Lindsay Steinriede Engle, and Makala Smith. Backed up by an electric sound track, Birdman sets the tone of the film with its raw cinematography combined with some of the hottest female longboard surfers.

Each rider demonstrated their talents as longboard surfers as Birdman Media flawlessly captures the moments, creating a truly progressive vision of what surfing can be. Delivering groundbreaking carves and long noserides with a message that transcends well beyond the lineup, the film shows strength, style and grace in the water elevating women’s surfing to fantastic new heights.

“Surfing has undergone an immense amount of change since its inaugural beginnings. From longboarding to short boarding, to single fin to quad fin, to men to woman,” says Birdman. “The bottom line is that we are all doing the same thing as a surfer. We are taking our board of choice onto a wave, and gliding over the ocean.”

Say No More is available for purchase at  For more information, photos or to schedule an interview with Birdman Media, please contact Taylor Larison at


Birdman Media, founded by Taylor Larison, aka “BirdMan” is a necessity in the world of Southern California longboarding for his ability to capture the grace, glide, sliding, and shredding that embodies California’s finest surfers. BirdMan has released two full length longboard surf videos, Pictorial Perspective and Koala Khronicles, and has an on-line library of over 140 shorts. Birdman has filmed all over the world from Mexico to Australia, to the beaches of California. His work also includes video productions for: Irie Nation Radio, Volcom Stone, Volcom Entertainment, Toes On The Nose and Electric Visual Sunglasses, Pepper, Valient Thorr, Triston Palma, Riverboat Gamblers, Groundation and Jimmy Cliff.