Say No More: A Women’s Longboard Surf Film

say no more banner-001photo: Chris Grant. L-R:Karina, Tory, Stephanie, Erin, Makala and Lindsay

Birdman Media presents “Say No More”. Birdmans first womens longboard surf film featuring an array of shredders from Southern California. Starring: Tory Gilkerson, Karina Rozunko, Makala Smith, Lindsay Steinriede-Engle, Erin Ashley and Stephanie Vigiano.

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Karina RozunkoLindsay Steinriede-Engle | Tory Gilkerson |Makala Smith | Stephanie Vigiano | Erin Ashley |
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Behind the scenes of BMM filming its next new longboard surf film “Say No More”.BMM3 copy BMM4 copy

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Tory & Karina @ VBsay no more.imggirls paddlingtory.bottom turn spray

Here’s a video clip of Makala Smith surfing at Malibu during a recent birdman media day shoot.